TourSwing - Revolutionary Golf Instruction

Dear Fellow Golfer,


I'd like to share with you all of my insights into the golf swing. I'd love you to become not just a good golfer, but a GREAT one.


What's the key difference between average golfers and great ones? Better players pay attention to detail.


I've been studying golf for over 20 years. I've analysed what works, and what is a myth or a fad. I've studied the swing from a biomechanical perspective, as well as a practical perspective. I pretty much think about or study golf every waking hour (obsessed-me-never!). All of which means you don't have to!


I'm looking for golfers who want to learn a swing that will get them to a single digit handicap or better. Golfers that are fed up with tips or quick fixes (that last a week or two), and realise that to get better at golf you need to gain the right knowledge.


I don't teach the simplest swing, but I do teach one that's based on scientific FACT; not myths, fads or guesswork. It simply uses the biomechanics of the body (how you as an individual are designed to move) to produce an efficient, safe and extremely powerful Golf Swing. A swing that, with practice, wouldn't look out of place on the PGA Tour.


Using my years of expertise in Golf teaching, Mechanical Engineering, Sports Coaching and Fitness Training I've created a highly effective swing programme that cuts through the hype, myth and confusion surrounding the golf swing, and just tells you how to get it done.


Would you believe the backswing movement is as simple as a LIFT, BEND and ROTATE, and the lower body downswing movement is almost identical to that used in throwing a ball? The key is knowing HOW to move the body-exactly which muscles to use-and I tell you just that in the lessons. After a few drills and repetitions you'll be competently making the movement yourself.


The 8 lesson programme walks you through every single step so you fully understand and remember the Swing from setup to followthrough. At the end of the training you will become your own best swing teacher, and I'm totally confident you'll end up with a powerful, consistent golf swing.




Mark Barlow.

From Mark Barlow

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering


Owner of TourSwing Golf Training



With TourSwing, you will...

  • Fix your bad habits for good

  • Swing powerfully & consistently

  • Fully understand the golf swing

  • Reduce injuries

  • Enjoy golf again

  • Play better golf...FOR LIFE

With TourSwing, you will...

  • Cure any hook or slice

  • Learn how to drive the golf ball further

  • Swing powerfully and consistently

  • Strike the ball better than ever

  • Have confidence in your swing

  • Play better golf...for life!



  • Based on how your body moves

  • Easy to learn and remember

  • Body friendly - reduces injury

 Company Mission - find average golfers wanting to transform their swing efficiently and permanently to

                              reach a single digit handicap or better, whilst becoming their own best swing teachers.