Golf instruction has been in the dark ages until now.


In nearly every other sport, the athletic movement has been biomechanically analysed, and all the top sportsman move in almost the same way (think Javelin, High Jump and tennis). The golf swing is just an athletic movement, so why should it be any different?


At TourSwing we tell you what specific movement you are trying to create, why you are making that move, and exactly how to create it. The golf swing will become so clear that you will be amazed.


Once you understand the movement we use cutting edge physical learning techniques to ingrain them into your muscle memory. After practice you will repeat the movement without having to consciously think about it.


A word of warning though. TourSwing golf training is not for everyone. It’s not for the person who wants a quick fix or tip that only produces temporary results-stick to the golf range pros for that.

Biomechanical Advantage