When my clients meet me for the first time we discuss what they want to achieve, and then I give them two options.


The first option is a lesson based on correcting their movements on a swing by swing basis hitting balls, and the second option is a lesson that covers each movement of the swing in enough detail so that, with practice, you'll have the potential to swing like a Tour player-you'll learn the biomechanically most simple and efficient swing.


My personal preference is the second option, because I want to see my students reach their full golfing potential and be amazed at how good they can get. But, I also love teaching the first option because, and often for the first time, the student learns exactly WHAT causes swing faults, and exactly HOW to correct them.


With both types of lesson you'll learn how to move the body correctly and exactly what muscles to use to do so. You'll also learn how the body moves for best swing speed, direction control and injury reduction. Each body movement is very simple, and linked together they form the total swing.


During each lesson I'll make notes for you (in your own words), so you remember what you should be doing, and email them to you soon after the lesson.


Lessons do vary by individual, but are usually as follows;


Lesson 1 covers perfect grip, posture & how the golf swing works

Lesson 2 perfect hand, wrist & arm movement

Lesson 3 the accurate takeaway & backswing

Lesson 4 the exact movement of the lower body (or pivot)

Lesson 5 the efficient downswing

Lesson 6 Range session

Lesson 7 Fine tuning of the swing

Lesson 8 Final priciples and how to practice to improve further



Lessons are 60 minutes in duration and are one to one.


Please note the order of the lessons-they are taught in order of importance-which means you learn faster, avoid common pitfalls, and see ball flight improvements more quickly.


 The Lessons